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I am a well qualified and experienced engineer and have worked in the field of general engineering in factories, scientific establishments, as a technician in the University context, in secondary teaching and most recently in the field of marine engineering.

This last context reflects a life long interest and involvement with boats of all sorts and sizes.
I returned to New Zealand in 1999 after a period of working on off shore maxi yachts and started my own company specialising in the maintenance and refitting of large pleasure craft and racing yachts, and contracting my services as a charter skipper.
I find great satisfaction in the wide variety of work that a marine engineer must be competent to undertake in order to keep a yacht or motor vessel operating efficiently and safely in both coastal and off shore voyages. I have had wide experience in preparing vessels to the standards required for off shore sailing.
My skills enable me to complete not only typical engine and transmission work, but also plumbing maintenance and installation, pumping systems and electrical installations.
My work as a charter skipper on coastal and off shore voyages and my engineering training have given me an in depth understanding of what is required to keep a vessel operating safely. I am well able to solve problems as they occur.
My preference is for sailing vessels rather than motor vessels and I enjoy the competitive pressure of yacht racing. The racing experience has enabled me to increase my competence in the areas of sailing, tactics and navigation. I have also had wide experience of teaching others about sailing and had significant pleasure from skippering the well known maxi Lion New Zealand. I have enjoyed encouraging charter guests to get the most out of their opportunity. I am good at establishing rapport with crew and guests in charter work.

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